Overworked and Underpaid

It was really quiet around here without the Top Dog running and barking. I could actually listen to some really good music without all the barking!!! Sky had gone to work at the photo lab. Her boss sent me this photo so I would not be surprised if she got laid off…..Too bad, we could really use that extra income! Maybe I should see if she could be a model…..

Just saying……


Spring Has Sprung!!!

Are you ready? Do you want to know how to have the most stylish look without shopping to the ends of the earth? Well, click here to follow a classy young lady in Chicago who will give you something inspiring to shoot for in the fashion department!!!!

Picture This

I will add pictures to this soon. I just needed to talk/write a little this Saturday night. I’m not sure if it was a mistake or not, but,  few days ago, I reread a book that someone gave me about 12 years ago and it made me pretty sad. It is called Give Them Wings by Carole Kuykendall and she really is a doll of a writer and I highly recommend this book! I loaned it to one of my dearest BFF’s in Floresville and she recently gave it back….hint, hint, I laughed. Well it made me sad because it brought back horrific memories about the way I felt when Christopher left for college and it made me think that I might seriously lose it when the most precious boy that we have here at home is so far away…..I am going to deal with it. The last two weeks, I have had some magical runs that will save me from despair…..running is a gift from God! I will make it, I just know it, but I also had a few Margaritas tonight, so it might be a combo mix of help, tee hee

Happy Hour-Frantic Friday

Anna and Avery, our nieces arrived with Tom at 5:00 Friday night while I was feeding the animals. First I fed the sheep, 2 rowdy rams, but they would not come which is alarming and worse, they were hovering over my precious goat Bridgett who was laying down in a deathly pose.  I went into their pen that they share with two hungry Longhorns, which is something not advisable at dinnertime, unless you have a death wish. Bridgette opened one eye and winked at me, so I knew she was playing possum so that they would leave her alone. How she got in there, I don’t know, but it happens often and is a drama every time. The Longhorns were rapidly approaching me with their looooong horns, not a good thing. Bridgett got up just in time for me to open the gate and squeeze us both through. I slammed it just before her two suitors followed us into the other pasture. Unfortunately I was now in a pasture full of hungry horses who were charging towards me vying for the closest position and not concerned with putting on the brakes any time soon. My first concern was that it would ruin the week-end if the little girls saw me get trampled. Bridgett and I escaped just in time. The dogs were excited to have visitors and were running around the yard chasing poor Miss Piggy. When I finally made it into the house she was in the bedroom hiding. I think I lost count of how many times I led her back outside and the dogs back in. Kind of felt like I was run over by a truck Saturday morning, but I survived to enjoy the rest of the marathon week-end. Yippee!

You Are Invited!

I will bring in lots of chubby delicious mice for you! You will have your own room in the house or better yet, the barn, because that’s where your mice will be. I will save your feathers when you molt and also all the pellets that you cough up. Since owls are soooooo smart, I know you have your own blog and maybe you will see my plea begging invitation to come live here. You can use my computer to write a book about it and by the way, Sky has her own blog and she thinks this place rocks! Read about it here. See you soon, I hope!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

I saw a Cedar Waxwing yesterday…….

They do not nest in Texas, so he was just spending the winter here where he could get hit by a truck…..poor pretty bird! Shoulda gone to Grandmother’s where you could get hassled by a feral cat!

Click here to read and listen to the sounds of this pretty little guy:

Cedar Waxwing, Identification, All About Birds – Cornell Lab of Ornithology.