I Am Not an Artist

I hear this all the time. I hear this from people who are the most creative and inspirational. Everyone is an artist in some way. Some of my best experiences are with people who don’t claim to be an artist. My favorite art is created by children. They should always be encouraged and praised, whether or not they are perceived and acknowledged to have talent. Adults deserve the same respect and I am the first to appreciate what I learn from anyone who creates art just for the fun of it. If it’s not fun, then just cut your ear off and forget about it…….


We Are The Shamrocks!

Shamrocks Foreva

High school reunions can be overwhelming. Where can I get some Botox quick? I thought as I looked in the mirror for the umpteenth time. I should have started getting ready sooner, like a year ago, but too late now. Maybe we should have all worn our uniforms. I asked Peyton if my dress was too low cut. “A little, but it doesn’t matter since you’re already dressed.”He said. It was just a mini reunion with two of my favorite classmates and our favorite teacher. Could not have been more fun, except that when I went out to my truck in the parking lot, someone had smashed into the side of it. The smasher could not have been nicer and he has full coverage insurance, so it’s all good. Much better than wandering around not being able to find my vehicle for an hour……It’s been known to happen at events such as this…….

When Bugs were Ugly

In 1996 when we moved here to Fairview, I could easily squash a bug, any bug. I could watch our Golden Retriever toss gophers into the air until they didn’t want to play anymore. Then our Sheltie would eat them, crunch, crunch. I could not bear that now, I would have to rescue this snack from the jaws of death. Still, some creatures are ugly and if they touch me they might die of fright when they hear me scream. Most bugs are safe as long as they don’t surprise me and try to bite or sting. A scorpion is an exception, they have the attitude of a prize boxer looking for a fight and it’s lights out buddy.

he died of natural causes

No one likes to be surprised by something crawling on their arm, that’s never a safe choice for even the cutest bug and the gentlest soul. When Martha and I are running at the park there is always something falling from the pecan trees that we brush off without a backward glance. The other day though, she slapped something and when she realized that it was a Ladybug she was on the ground on all fours apologizing “Oh, mariquita chiquita lo siento mucho, estas bien?” Which I think means, shit I’m sorry…..

My friend Vicki’s daughter has a pet tarantula. I think that is cool, but I cringe at the sight of them. Too furry or something. Like they want you to think they are cute. They’re not. Not to me. I would never hurt one though. I would try to find it something to eat and then find him a safe home far far away……We have lots of spiders living outside where they belong.  We talk to them and tell them how beautiful their webs are. They have cute little babies…about 1400 of them at a time. We used to feed them by throwing grasshoppers into their webs. Not anymore. No more crunch crunch for me.

Lazy Days of Summer

ha Ha I stole your spot

Yep, I know I have my own blog, but how can I sit at the computer when Animal Planet is on? Then there is my favorite soap opera Dogs of our Lives…I wish I could use Mom’s laptop, but I drool. Yesterday I saw a jackrabbit in the yard. Can you believe it????That is the most exciting thing that has happened all summer. There is always someone sleeping in this house and it is my job to keep them company. Peyton goes to bed at night about the time that Dad wakes up. I will tell my Mom to keep you posted if anything else fascinating happens…..

What a Trip

It feels like yesterday that this photo was taken. I was a nervous wreck when Christopher started driving ( at about two years old.) Time flies, but it seemed like forever for Peyton to get his license. Here we go. Can’t wait to see what the future holds …….

Once A Year

Once in a while, you may come across a group of people who just seem to click. I am involved in a group of artisans in Wilson County, who work together in order to put on an event that combines so much talent, it is destined to be something no one in Texas will want to miss. Everyone in the local community surrounding Floresville, Texas looks forward to all the creative offerings that are available at the event called Once A Year. A variety of items are hand made, from baby clothes to Peanut Brittle like you have never tasted. Rhew Orchards has pecans and peaches. Their peach ice cream is an art!!!!They make special order peach pies, cobblers and ice cream year round. I could go on and on just about the tempting food……The hand sewn quilts and Christmas ornaments are exquisite. Several one of a kind jewelry items are going to be hard for me to resist. Antiques will be abundant throughout the three day sale.I am working on new paintings and ornaments just for this marketplace. Once A Year 2010 will be held on November 11, 12 and 13th. Contact me  for  location, times and more info.

An Island Away

You know how easy it is to meet someone these days, right? From the comfort of your PC, you can meet your new best friend. I for one met a few lifelong buddies who I would only know by their profile pics on facebook, but other sites like goodreads has introduced me to a whole new cast of characters that I may never have met and will never forget. Daniel Putkowski is a fantastic author. I will read everything written by him and undoubtedly so will you. With great pleasure. I stumbled upon his books by accident and immediately  became entranced by the characterizations of my first book by him. No, I am actually lying, it took a while because I was into a non fiction mode so I randomly opened the book midway through and THEN I fell in love with the protagonist of the story…….That did it. I was hooked. Hooked by a hooker, ha ha. Abetted one with a heart of gold! So, I had to start from the beginning, to see what I had so nearly missed! Once I became entranced with Luz, it was easy to become enthralled with all the colorful characters who worshipped her. I think as far as being so lively, my favorite would have to be Samito and his habit of throwing the most incredible birthday parties for Charlie. OK Charlie is a book in himself. Super smart, but no way that Luz would fall for him. He was married and had a girlfriend, so he did not actively pursue her. Luz had a variety of suitors. One of my favorite images is when a shipwrecked nearly muerte hombre is discovered by Luz. Tu vives …….she tells him later…….If I say more I might be giving away too many spoilers. I can just say that my image of Aruba has been awakened and refreshed with the skillful insights into the culture, terrain and soul of the island. I can smell the surf and taste the Bailey’s…..Luz favorite drink…..

So Many Books, So Little Time

Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing” quoted from To Kill A Mockingbird

Trying to find some benefit to the sheer terror of not being able to run, I realized how lucky I am to be able to walk and then shortly after this revelation I could not walk without severe pain and then I could not even lay down.(This was about an hour ago) My feet started to hurt from standing and I really craved a nice hot bath, but that involves laying down, so luckily it occurred to me that a hot shower would be great. After that, I might be able to walk up the stairs to get dressed and hopefully lay down. It worked and now I am thankful for even being able to lay down. The true blessing of it all is that my reading time has increased and the quality and diversity of my reading material has gone through the roof!!!!! My boys love to read and thanks to them, I have shelves full of incredible tales that are waiting for me. Always too eager to read anything but ONLY if it was about horses, birds or any animal, I now appreciate just the bliss of a really good book!

The Six Rules of Maybe

A great book title by Deb Caletti.……Books are one of my many obsessions and this is one that I am going to read next. Read an excerpt here. Until I am lucky enough to get a copy, these are my own maybes, hopes and wishes……

1. maybe I will go for a run if I can get out of the bed

2. maybe I will go for a run if I can tie my shoes

3. maybe I will go for a walk if I can stand up straight

4, 5, 6. maybe I will never take running for granted….ever. again.