You’re Nobunny ‘Til Somebunny Loves You

A giant rabbit danced with me at our wedding. (Actually a man in a bunny suit) Bunnies had always been a cuddly pet of mine, while we lived in the city. Living on a ranch for the last 12 years, I had almost given up on having anything as a pet that slightly resembles CoyoteContinue reading “You’re Nobunny ‘Til Somebunny Loves You”

Just A Little Misunderstood

She’s not a mean cow, she has just been poked and prodded so much, she wonders what next. She lost her calf and almost died of heartbreak and the stress of a cesarian surgery. We poked her with needles and stuck tubes down her throat, but now she is happily munching on lush coastal hay,Continue reading “Just A Little Misunderstood”