The Awesome Aussie and the Persistent Pom

  We owe the wonderful blessing of owning this awesome Australian Shepherd to our sister, Moye and I just found out a LOT about the Pomeranian breed in a great magazine that Moye gave us. It reads that the Pomeranian breed was originally bred as a sled dog and they weighed 30 pounds and up.Continue reading “The Awesome Aussie and the Persistent Pom”

Houston Street Fair in San Antonio, Texas

  I found out how to recycle all those used wine corks      The Houston Street fair in downtown San Antonio is held on the last Saturday of the month. This month the theme was Christmas. The crowd was not so huge. Lots of cute little kids having fun!       Texas FlagContinue reading “Houston Street Fair in San Antonio, Texas”

Is That You, Koduck?

Our first ducklings were growing up, they were flying around the ranch and staying gone longer and longer. I was really missing the days when they depended on me for fresh water in their wading pool and the scoops of feed they would get every day. They were about five months old and fully matureContinue reading “Is That You, Koduck?”

You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby!

I was running at the park in Floresville today, watching the kids play on the swings and slides. Several  little families were coming to enjoy the awesome weather. One older couple pushing a large stroller started making their way towards a picnic table stopping several times along the way to tuck a pink blanket aroundContinue reading “You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby!”

Longhorns And Bluebonnets

I just picked up an incredible Giclee of my painting…… I did not have to worry about the care and consideration of my cherished paintings! I could hardly tell the original artwork from the reproductions. I can go to HEB and get copies of snapshots, but this process is just incredible!!! The print is doneContinue reading “Longhorns And Bluebonnets”

I’m Dreaming Of A Burn’t Orange Christmas

Last year the stockings were stuffed with John Deere green. “What did you do, go to Tractor Supply and buy out the store?” asked RCP our son and one of the recipients of the John Deere socks,hat,underwear,coffee mug,gloves and calendar. Well yes, it sounded like a good idea at the time. This year, not toContinue reading “I’m Dreaming Of A Burn’t Orange Christmas”