The Artist’s Way

Purple Rain

The first two days that my back goes out on me. I can’t run. I am asking What? Why? What did I do that was so hard. I have kept a journal of my running and this includes major events or just what I had for dinner the night before. I looked back in my notes, a few years…since I could not run, hardly walk or do the normal things that I love, like cleaning the house. The physical trauma that causes the injury, is always second to the emotional blow that has occurred.In this case, it was losing my 30 year old horse. Maybe if I could predict the outcome, I could prevent it. I will have to work on that….Looking on the bright side, I always realize how much I love to read, when it is hard to do anything else. Too bad I have to glean this information on such painful terms. After a few days, I settle into the routine of the couch potato.  I am reading a book by Stephen Covey. It is a perfect compliment to the book I just finished….The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron. Neither of these books  will ever be finished or put on the shelf. I will refer back to them and share them. The Artist’s way is a twelve week course. The course is designed to unblock creativity….One of the exercises is called morning pages. Writing three pages every morning has been so much fun. It is fun because it is designed to be. I don’t edit, delete and I don’t include any bad words, in case a child would find it. It is not a novel. It is dull. The book, however, and the practices that it brings into play are anything but dull.  Another  exercise is called Artist’s Date. This can be a trip to an art gallery, taking a workshop or anything, even a movie by yourself. Ideally by yourself. This book is for anyone, not just artist’s, but all walks of life. I had this book for over a year until I took the time to read it. I will continue to practice everything that has been introduced in this treasure of a book. You will be in for many wonderful discoveries about your inner artist that will have you dancing, singing, painting or writing or just noticing ordinary things through a new lens….Don’t waste another day! Check out         The Artist’s Way !!!!!


Lost in Austin

I would, if I could get lost, so that the trip would last longer… long as Christopher, Annie and Tom were there. Mother’s day week-end was a memorable occasion. Truthfully, I could have been anywhere, and in this company, I would not care….. The two superstars of Chicago would not let anything less than perfection happen…..We stayed in a gorgeous hotel with a great place to run, a beautiful pool and a swim up bar….well, kind of. Christopher introduced us to Congress Ave. “I know this town” He said. It was hard to believe that we were still in Texas. The trip was perfect. We can’t wait to do it again, but next time with Peyton, Bekah, Debby and Bruce included!

Happy Mother’s Day

I started working on this painting when our 30 year old horse died. I knew the day would be coming, but we were unprepared….She was a doll. Thinking back on this Mother’s day, I remembered how much she always wanted to BE a mother…..She was gorgeous in every way, but fragile. Everyone encouraged me to breed her, but because she had a hoof condition, I did not want to take the chance of putting her under undo stress. Our horses that had babies depended on Francie as their ever vigilant GodMother. Francie, like all the wonderful Moms in the world, would have died to have a healthy baby. I could go on and on, but Moms just know…..what I am talking about.

A Mother’s Day Poem

This was given to me last year, May 9, 2010, by my almost 18 year old son.

The Lily Pad: a stepping stone: a brief respite from treacherous waters.

The Closed Bud: beautiful but not yet fulfilled: a hint of what’s yet to come.

The Carnation: incredible beauty that is not kept but instead given: the will to share.

To me you are a lily pad, always there to comfort me, a piece of love amongst the world.

I am your bud, you nurture me and care for me so t … Read More

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