While I Was Sleeping

Between MY pitiful crashing for a two hour nap and marinating in a hot tub layered with Bengay, My Super Hero, Tom set about constructing a child’s fort to top all forts! Hannah and Emma spent the early morning working on details and blueprints. They were a great team!!!!! We had enough nice boards forContinue reading “While I Was Sleeping”

Pony Boy’s Girls

Our precious great nieces, Hannah and Emma spent the week-end with us. They said they were ready to learn to ride ALONE without someone leading them.We made plans for Sunday afternoon. We were going to saddle up two ponies, but my back went out on me,(UGH!) so I thought one would be good for theContinue reading “Pony Boy’s Girls”

Lean On Me

Our niece, Anna asked me to do a painting of a Barn Owl for her room in her new house. I became inspired to grant her wish when I read Wesley The Owl by Stacey O”Brien. This is a book that I will always own and cherish. I gave my first copy to Annie andContinue reading “Lean On Me”

My Rockport Pelicans

Some birds talk. If these Pelicans could talk they might be saying something like “Sweetheart have you heard from our cousins in Florida?” “Yes, Sweetbeak, it’s sad, and my Uncle in Louisiana has lost his entire flock.” “Baby, are we safe?” I can’t even guess what the answer to that question could be. I justContinue reading “My Rockport Pelicans”

Lamb Chops

Keep in mind that I cautiously edit these posts about animals in case some little child or someone like me is liable to be traumatized about some of the naturally occurring incidents that happen on a farm. It would take a lifetime just to record the bizarre creatures that have just appeared out of nowhere.Continue reading “Lamb Chops”

Speaking in Black & White

My running buddy, Martha speaks English as a second language to Spanish. We communicate on a very different level because of this. It seems like BS just doesn’t translate well between us. If she says ” Me gusta tu pelo” (I like your hair) what she means is that she really likes my hair. OneContinue reading “Speaking in Black & White”

There Once Was a Little Blond Girl

She looked like an angel. The day she was born her Daddy called everyone over to the nursery window to see his lovely daughter. I told her Mom several times, “You should have taken her to Hollywood” When I met her she already had a beautiful husband and beautiful little blond children of her own.Continue reading “There Once Was a Little Blond Girl”

American Kestrals (via Leicalady’s Weblog)

The first time we noticed an American Kestral, Tom and I were on our run down the road and we saw a little Falcon hovering in mid air with out seeming to move at all. Several times since then we see them perched at the top of a tree or doing flips and diving downContinue reading “American Kestrals (via Leicalady’s Weblog)”