While I Was Sleeping

La la land

Between MY pitiful crashing for a two hour nap and marinating in a hot tub layered with Bengay, My Super Hero, Tom set about constructing a child’s fort to top all forts! Hannah and Emma spent the early morning working on details and blueprints. They were a great team!!!!!

Sisterly love

We had enough nice boards for a good start. The plumbing and electricity will take a little longer to install. Tom has some great progress photos on his site. Just saying


Pony Boy’s Girls

Our precious great nieces, Hannah and Emma spent the week-end with us. They said they were ready to learn to ride ALONE without someone leading them.We made plans for Sunday afternoon. We were going to saddle up two ponies, but my back went out on me,(UGH!) so I thought one would be good for the first time. They brushed Pony Boy and Tom saddled him up. We stayed in the fenced yard. They were so good about having to take turns.

Emma rides alone

Next time we will put on some boots and helmets, saddle up both ponies and head down to the pond.  We had a cook-out Saturday night and just stayed on the lead line the whole time. taking a breakThese girls could not be any sweeter or unspoiled.

Little Cowgirl

They made up the bed every morning without complaining and brought their dishes to the sink. We had great fun in the art room, too and I think they created about 20 masterpieces each! We have lots of great photos that I will add and can be seen on Leicaman’s blog Just Saying Not sure what is up with my back! I am a laptop sitting couch potato today. That’s all for now……

Lean On Me

Our niece, Anna asked me to do a painting of a Barn Owl for her room in her new house. I became inspired to grant her wish when I read Wesley The Owl by Stacey O”Brien. This is a book that I will always own and cherish. I gave my first copy to Annie and I will buy another to keep. It is that good. My husband Tom should really appreciate the fact that after reading about how heavenly, yet horrific it can be to raise an owl, I am not going to adopt one anytime soon. A friend just generously offered to allow me to help raise an orphaned Screech owl. Isn’t there enough screeching in this house already? Another well meaning friend has recently reminded me how much I would love an Alpaca. This is so tempting but after last week, I think I will wait til next year’s new crop. If an owlet appears on my doorstep, I think I might be in heaven, though. Just sayin’

My Rockport Pelicans

Some birds talk. If these Pelicans could talk they might be saying something like “Sweetheart have you heard from our cousins in Florida?” “Yes, Sweetbeak, it’s sad, and my Uncle in Louisiana has lost his entire flock.” “Baby, are we safe?” I can’t even guess what the answer to that question could be. I just watched a video about the sea turtles that are being burned in the nets, even though there are rescue crews ready to help. The rescuers have been turned away. My African Tortoise is lucky to be in a healthy environment here in Texas, but sometimes it is all I can do to keep him high and dry when the pastures flood.  taking on the responsibility of any animal as a pet is enough to handle for most people. It is for me. I would love to wave a magic wand to save the planet, but seeing all the horrific events that have transpired with the oil spill, I know that I can only take care of the many helpless little creatures that we have here. We will protect them, nurture them  and care for them and if anyone trys to harm them, we will seriously kick some butt !!!!!

Lamb Chops

Keep in mind that I cautiously edit these posts about animals in case some little child or someone like me is liable to be traumatized about some of the naturally occurring incidents that happen on a farm. It would take a lifetime just to record the bizarre creatures that have just appeared out of nowhere. An Emu……two miniature goats, the donkey lady…..two chickens…..a chupacabra…….a Daldamnation. “Just tell me, I won’t be mad. Where did they com from?” Pleaded my patient and adorable Tom. I have no clue about some of them. I guess they recognize paradise when they see it!

Speaking in Black & White

My running buddy, Martha speaks English as a second language to Spanish. We communicate on a very different level because of this. It seems like BS just doesn’t translate well between us. If she says ” Me gusta tu pelo” (I like your hair) what she means is that she really likes my hair. One day she came to the park for our run with pink hair. Not on purpose, it was a bad hair day, really. I told her, it wasn’t that bad……(No es demasiado malo) I think when you have to search for the correct words, there’s no time to fake it. It is real. Just like when I told her that I wished I had a skinny butt like hers, she didn’t hem and haw, she just smiled and said “Sorry, my friend”. Ja Ja!!!!!

Don’t Leave Me!!!!!

When it’s time to go, even if I’m leaving for just a few hours, my animals all look soooooo sad. They know that when the truck leaves, there is not much of a chance that they will get fed until the truck comes back. They may starve. The dogs know that if I leave in my running clothes that I will be back sooner than later. If  I take a change of clothes with me, there is a collective frown and sigh. But, if they see me with suitcases that is another story. Even though their dad takes just as good care of them, they still try to put a guilt trip before the actual trip. The dogs ignore me and Miss Piggy hides in the barn and makes me come search for her. The horses take turns limping , they hang their heads and their eyes get runny. Last week they were acting really weird. I started to blame it on the weather, but then I realized that they had seen the new luggage that Peyton got for graduation. They shouldn’t be so sad. They should be fighting over who gets to sleep in his room!

There Once Was a Little Blond Girl

She looked like an angel. The day she was born her Daddy called everyone over to the nursery window to see his lovely daughter. I told her Mom several times, “You should have taken her to Hollywood” When I met her she already had a beautiful husband and beautiful little blond children of her own. She would walk around with them and people would stop and stare and tell her “You should take them to Hollywood” They could have joined all the little cookie cutter blonds, brunettes and red heads, but those faces all look alike and they all fight for the limelight that fades as soon as the fame is ignited. She could have launched them into a hot air balloon or a raft for the high seas, risking their safety for the sake of fortune. People would have tuned in just to see authentic beauty and character for a change. There would be no canned laughter. Is it possible to can tears or do they just burst and overflow to flood the planet? The reality is that the little blond girl with the knockout smile and bright blue eyes, chose to take the hardest path. One that has no TV cameras or directors ready to put in a stunt double when reality becomes too real. Now she is a lovely grandmother whose glowing radiance is seen through the little eyes of her grandchildren who light up the room. Being a mother places us in the most vulnerable situation on earth. The risk of heartbreak is never far away. Whether they are sleeping in a bed next to us or miles away. The angels are watching over us all the time, but just in case they need your help, would you please say a prayer for the little blond haired girl……..it would mean the world to me.

American Kestrals (via Leicalady’s Weblog)

American Kestrals The first time we noticed an American Kestral, Tom and I were on our run down the road and we saw a little Falcon hovering in mid air with out seeming to move at all. Several times since then we see them perched at the top of a tree or doing flips and diving down to hunt for prey. This is a watercolor painting of 2 male Kestrals on paper. … Read More

via Leicalady's Weblog