El Nido Abandonado


El Nido Abandonado

El Nido Abandonado


Tres hijos y se fue….. No puedo  creer y nunca voy a olvidar …..


Saturday Night Social Club

Let’s Go!!!! Mamacita had been so excited the day we took her to meet her mate. Probably because her food was in the back seat, but anyway we had no problem getting her into her little pen and loading her up for an air-conditioned limo ride to her luna miel. Miss Piggy ran after us. “Where are you going with all that sweet feed?” “I want to go, too!” She squealed. It is hard being an only pig. Maybe we could find her a boyfriend, too. Did I say that out loud? Guess so. Tom gave me the look……one pig was enough. If you look closely at the photo, you can see that she is badly in need of a pedicure and so far no one was willing to give it a try.

The first several weeks, we were able to talk to Mrs. Ladrona. She told us that she was not sure if Mamacita was bred or not. During our last conversation she told us that  her billy goat, Peligro was shy and they were still getting to know each other. How sweet, I  thought. That was a month ago and she was not returning my calls. I used to see her in the grocery store and the post office. We would see her in church. “Let’s drive by her house and see if we can catch her at home” Tom suggested. The gate had been open the day that we dropped Mamacita off but this time there was a lock and chain. I didn’t see anyone around and didn’t think we should trespass so we left.  We decided to stop by the Gossip N Go on our way home and talk to Jolie known locally as La Prensa and see if she could tell us anything about Mrs. Ladrona. We learned that her caretaker, Soy Matadero had left and she was in the middle of building a cement pond all by herself. Her church and Garden Club activities were also keeping her busy. She was in charge of the Covered Dish Social at the church hall held every Saturday night. We decided that this would be our  best opportunity to get an up date on our little chivasita.

Lost In Translation

Be a good kid. It will only be a few weeks.


We are gonna miss you. You would think Bridgette and Lucky  would never see little Mamacita again. We were sending her off to be bred. It seemed like a good idea at the time. We should have seen the signs.

We loaded her up and drove the short distance to Mrs. Ladrona’s ranch. She introduced us to her beefy caretaker Soy Matadero. “We will call you soon” they chorused. As we drove away we were both thinking how hard it is when even one little critter is away from home. Neither of us noticed the faded sign as we left the property…….”Carnicero”

Ipod For My Horse, Of-Course

“He wants his OWN radio” she claimed. Wow ! He said that? He was a horse. I thought you had to put peanut butter on their tongue to make them do that. “No, I am communicating with his soul” she scoffed at me. She had accompanied her cousin to look at a mini horse we were selling for a friend. “He also wants his name changed to Alejandro” she added. Apparently our mini Mr. Ed was an Andalusian in a prior life. “He says that your pig stinks and your choice of music is giving him colic”. Now I was feeling insulted. She enlightened me further ” He says you have too many animals” I became impressed. He can count! I had even forgotten how many we had. They left to think it over before committing to purchasing an animal that would require hours and hours of therapy. It’s just as well. He ended up finding a wonderful home right here with us. We did switch the radio to the spanish station and he seems to love El Poder Del Norte and so do I. My spanish is improving and I am getting used to the name Alejandro. No big deal, but the pig stays!

Another One Bites The Dust

Tom had the Canon 5D with the 70 to 210 zoom. I had the Rebel XT with the 18 to 55 zoom. Wouldn’t he wait so that he could hand me the camera before he got into the chute ? Would he hand the camera to a stranger just to get the shot and surprise me? I doubted it and would he even take the risk of getting that dirt on his white shorts? He wasn’t wearing boots or even socks. Would they let him ride without chaps? Would he just please borrow a helmet and vest? I had a lot to think about and I couldn’t even remember which direction the bucking bulls were. And then I saw the sign…


Donde Estaba Mi Marido?

Luckily, I had a recent picture of him, I laughed to myself. He wasn’t really wearing a fanny pack. He would gladly carry my ten pound purse for me if asked him to, but a fanny pack is a stretch.

At this point, I wasn’t worried. How far away could he get from me in 8 seconds….? Then I remembered his last words when I was still drooling all over Bingo. Now I had something to worry about!

Eddie’s Missing !!!!!

It was last Spring. Our 80 pound African Sulcata Tortoise had found a weak place in his pen and had escaped. Being the start of the mating season, our guess is that he was in search for another large tortoise. The closest ones I knew about were at Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard which was no safe trek for our little big man. We had been in and out checking all the troughs and feeding the critters and when Tom went to feed Eddie, he was gone. Like a prisoner chiseling his way out with the tools baked in a birthday cake, he had managed to hide his escape route in a corner of his lush estate, until he was free. My darling husband, immediately posted large signs saying “LOST: LARGE TORTOISE” followed by the internationally known palabra, “REWARD”. During the next few days, I cringed when Eddie’s fans asked about him. I went to the post office, the Feed Store,the Wilson County News, everybody in our community knows “Fast Eddie” “How can you not find an 80 pound tortoise” they laughed. Well it’s easy when you have been blessed with fields of long lush coastal ready for the huge tractors to come through and….I’m sure they would just put on the brakes and avoid a collision with our delicate little bombshell. Tom and I had walked and ridden the horses for miles through the pastures on the day that Eddie was missing.
Thoughts of all the dangers he would encounter haunted me for the next fours days, I had almost given up. ENTONCES!!! I mean ,THEN on my way home from Peyton’s school, sitting in the parking lot of the EZ Stop, I received a life changing call on my cell phone. It went like this. from what I remember. ” Bueno, pues, el siglo dijo que usted esta buscando por una tortuga giganta, verdad??? Entonces, yo dije que “Si, Esta LA VERDAD. Usted tiene mi tortuga grande? I asked.Si, MUY grande, pero usted tiene REWARD? I felt pretty confidant at this point that he had indeed found Fast Eddie. If I had a million, he would have won the Loteria, NO IMPORTA NADA!!! Just to have my little cascarone back would justify mucho dinero y mas, but alas I had $100.00 that would be distributed to the five hombres that it took to return Eddie to his Mamacita…..Manana mis amigas……I will attempt to enable you to feel my bliss that I experienced at that moment, knowing that once again our familia would be reunited with our adorable Houdini.