Miss Rosie

We have had Shelties since we were first married. My first Christmas present was Omar, a male Shetland Sheepdog. We are baby sitting Rosie. She is a rescue dog, part Sheltie and she is going home next week-end……maybe, I might have to hide her somewhere!

Home on the ranch

Rosie is a big help, keeping a watchful eye on everything.



  1. Your dog looks really cute 🙂

    But, oh my god! What are those beasts in the last picture?! O_o No, I don’t mean like I don’t like them, they are amazing, I love them, but what are they?
    That must sound so stupid to you 🙂
    I’ve never lived on a farm. I’ve seen cows and bulls though, but these are something different.

  2. What a Beautiful creature! 🙂 I can see how you want to hide her at the Ranch! lol …Hoping all is well there with you folks… Bekah said to say “hi” too!


    • Her personality is a carbon copy of our Sheltie, Noche.They play so cute together! We are doing great!!!! I have a job! Dream job, teaching art and Spanish as a substitute teacher, and also at a gallery in San Antonio. Hope you are doing well! Give Bekah a hug from us!!!

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