Blessing of the Animals

I am very fortunate that the children who I am teaching art to love animals as much as I do. It was getting a little lonely around the ranch before we moved. Even with the animals, I just could not wait to see the boys at my school where I teach art and my girlsContinue reading “Blessing of the Animals”

Better Late……

I am catching up on some posts…..Not sure why it has taken so long….must have lost my head. Anyway, here are a few photos from our Halloween/GMa Birthday Party in October 2012We never know who will make an appearance at this annual event! It can be really scary at times!!!Lucky for us, the Tincredibles areContinue reading “Better Late……”

Post Cards from Paris

Better than postcards! We received daily snippets of the honeymoon via e-mail.My days have been filled with anticipation of what beautiful images we would be able to enjoy.The creativity combined with the too pretty to believe bride and groom is just amazing to me!I was on the same page as the newlyweds…..I did not wantContinue reading “Post Cards from Paris”

The Wedding

The day looked promising for a wonderful outdoor wedding.The wedding party was gorgeous…..The photographer said that Annie was the most beautiful bride she had ever seen. No one minded the delay, as we waited out a thunderstormPeyton was happy to keep the girls companyA lttle rain could not dampen the radiance of the bride’s beautifulContinue reading “The Wedding”


We all agreed that the anticipation made the event even more exciting……we had some down time while we waited out a thunder storm…..We were able to snap a few pictures before the ceremonyThe most beautiful place I have ever been.The festivities were well documented on film, digital media and any other means to preserve thisContinue reading “Anticipation”

Make it Newsy, Baby!

I just received the sweetest letter by mail, from Peg, my sister/sister-in-law. She writes really well. Her letter made me laugh and cry and that says something. Her husband Russell, Tom’s brother passed away in August of 2009. She had a quote from him. He always told her “make it newsy, Baby!” It was aContinue reading “Make it Newsy, Baby!”

With a little bit of Luck

Why do people say that you have a hard outer shell? Shells are not always hard. A tortoise or turtle shell is made of the same substance as our fingernails and horses hooves. Nutrition plays a vital part in the health and strength. Too much protein is almost always the culprit.  You can look atContinue reading “With a little bit of Luck”