Blessing of the Animals

IMG_5791I am very fortunate that the children who I am teaching art to love animals as much as I do. It was getting a little lonely around the ranch before we moved. Even with the animals, I just could not wait to see the boys at my school where I teach art and my girls who I am teaching here at home. So blessing number one is that we now live 10 minutes from my school. Blessing number two is that my students who come to the house are traveling several miles just to share the love of art with me! True blessing!!! All my students love to share stories about their pets. We draw, paint, play art games and the animals are right here with us. One of the little girls was super worried about one of her dogs who had disappeared. He was found and we were all so happy! Another family was thrilled because their rescue dog was just cleared to come home after having to go through extensive training because of the trauma he had suffered before he found his new home.
Last Saturday, something was very wrong in this house! A very much loved part of the family was no where to be seen! IMG_7874 Kirby our kitty,is an inside cat. She loves just looking out the window. At the ranch, she was a very good mouser…we had a few cute little field mice who managed to scamper around the kitchen at night, but Kirby made sure they did not thrive for very long. So anyway, we were very worried about her and after putting up posters throughout the neighborhood, we had just about lost hope!
It was day five sans Kirby and the weather at night had been below freezing. Add that to the fact that we now live on a very busy street, it did not look good for Miss Kirby. My students on Wednesday afternoon were not a minute through the door…”Where is the cat?” they all wanted to know.I was praying that she was not scared, hurt and suffering. I wanted to KNOW that she was OK. As my last student was ready to leave, she promised to pray for Kirby. The front door had barely shut before we heard LOUD meows from the back yard! Tom opened the door and Kirby flew in and jumped up on her safe perch. She was pretty much fur and bones, but is already looking better after just a few dys.IMG_8446 She is not even interested in looking out the window. She is being cuddled and spoiled. Blessing number three is having her home safe!
Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season!!!


Date Night

IMG_6072We had a visit to a familiar place to celebrate Tom’s birthday. The Bombay Bicycle Club in San Antonio is where Tom and I had our first date. IMG_6070The decor looks the same as I remember. Those were fun days. These are fun days. The only change is that we don’t hide things from each other for fun….we have enough trouble remembering where we left things…..

Tom and Sue

Tom and Sue

Better Late……

IMG_5345I am catching up on some posts…..Not sure why it has taken so long….must have lost my head. Anyway, here are a few photos from our Halloween/GMa Birthday Party in October 2012IMG_5331We never know who will make an appearance at this annual event! It can be really scary at times!!!IMG_5330Lucky for us, the Tincredibles are always super heroes!IMG_5321They quickly subdued the unsubs even before other invited quests arrived.IMG_5346Two body guards were needed for added safety during this high profile event.IMG_5359Some photos are still being examined for evidence of paranormal activity and will be added at a later date…..IMG_5351

Post Cards from Paris

Little Leicalady

Better than postcards! We received daily snippets of the honeymoon via e-mail.My days have been filled with anticipation of what beautiful images we would be able to enjoy.The creativity combined with the too pretty to believe bride and groom is just amazing to me!I was on the same page as the newlyweds…..I did not want it to end!I am not sure how many cameras, including camera phones were taken on the trip.

I know there were at least two Leicas….one of them a film camera. And a Polaroid….I have never been to Paris, but I would not trade that experience for the pleasure of having this vicarious adventure. The whole experience, from the adorable face that I saw when our son was born, until I saw the adoring look that he has for Annie, is just a life fulfilling dream for a Mom.I know that their love of photography will be shared forever.I love you, Little Annie Leicalady


The Wedding

Christopher, Peyton and Tom

The day looked promising for a wonderful outdoor wedding.The wedding party was gorgeous…..The photographer said that Annie was the most beautiful bride she had ever seen.
No one minded the delay, as we waited out a thunderstormPeyton was happy to keep the girls companyA lttle rain could not dampen the radiance of the bride’s beautiful mother…..I was the only one who looked like a drowned rat!The father of the bride is quite a handsome man . You can see a lot of Annie in both of her parents. They are beautiful inside and out. I knew from the beginning that they would always take care of Christopher and he will always take care of them.Being a wedding photographer for many years, I know that there has never been a more perfect match than these two Leica lovers…..


We all agreed that the anticipation made the event even more exciting……we had some down time while we waited out a thunder storm…..We were able to snap a few pictures before the ceremonyThe most beautiful place I have ever been.The festivities were well documented on film, digital media and any other means to preserve this precious event.

Make it Newsy, Baby!

I just received the sweetest letter by mail, from Peg, my sister/sister-in-law. She writes really well. Her letter made me laugh and cry and that says something. Her husband Russell, Tom’s brother passed away in August of 2009. She had a quote from him. He always told her “make it newsy, Baby!” It was a very uplifting letter….as is always true with my conversations with Peg. The main topic was the visit from our nephew Chad, his wife Angie and their two children Evan and Lindsey. A beautiful family. We will see them this Thanksgiving. We had a great visit in 2010 and really have missed them. Russell’s three children Chad, Kimberly and Tres all came out to the ranch and wherever we may be living this coming November, we will see them again. We are so happy that they want their children to know and love their Texas family!

Lindsey Parish at the helm!

Bumper boats in the pond! This looks like so much fun!!!

Look out! Here comes Evan!

Miles and Lindsey

I am so glad to have been able to witness this wonderful trip! I feel like I was there!

Evan’s favorite part “The Buggy”

Thank you, Peg, for the letter and for showing me just how strong a person can be!

With a little bit of Luck

Why do people say that you have a hard outer shell? Shells are not always hard. A tortoise or turtle shell is made of the same substance as our fingernails and horses hooves. Nutrition plays a vital part in the health and strength. Too much protein is almost always the culprit.  You can look at them and see the degree of health. One of our mini horses has trouble with his hooves….I have raised  Mini Mac since he was a baby and never has he had a problem with his hooves until recently.

Eddie in his winter man cave

Fast Eddie our African Sulcata Tortoise is 25 years old….mas o menos… He already had a perfect shell when we got him. Of-course I will feel like I did something wrong if ever he got sick…..I read about all the nutrition and supplement advice , I light candles, I do a little dance and pray. If you talk to 15 different horse owners, you will get 20 different answers, but if you have an African Sulcata Tortoise, you can just read  about care at  the Sulcata Station and they have the answers……

Whose Your daddy?

Who cares if you can spend 30 years of your life with the most amazing Dad in the world! I know what love is because of Daddy Bub.

If every child had a parent like him, there would be no crime, no war, no sadness and depression…..Do I have him on a pedestal, well I guess so…….I only know what I feel. Happy Father’s Day.